Why you ought to run the Serpent Lantern adventure pack

Serpent Lantern is among the older adventure packs in Champions online. In the previous times, an adventure pack represented an instanced dungeon using a storyline and unique drops from the creatures interior, which you'd to pay Cryptic Purposes for to get. Without purchasing it, you could not run the experience and you could just get your hands on some of the things that lost there via the Auction Exchange.

With the recent On Alarm patch, several things in the game have changed, one of which being that all adventure packs are free. This consists of Serpent Lantern, Demonflame, Aftershock, Opposition and Whiteout. The past three supply particularly fine goodies, so question is why you'd run an older adventure pack like Serpent Lantern? !

Questionite is an important money; you could use it to purchase things in the Questionite Store and even convert it into Cryptic Purposes via an Exchange. Among the fastest methods to gain it's via the Alarm dailies supplied in Rennaissance Center - but it is not always the most effective method. Finishing the whole Serpent Lantern Adventure pack increases you 2000 Questionite, while each of the managers indoors (Viper X, Freon, Draconis, Woman Viperia as well as the Spirit Serpent) has an opportunity to drop a Carton of Questionite, great for 2001500 Questionite.

There are several costume parts which can be gotten from this Adventure Pack. Every one of these may be utilized to acquire a costume piece to be used in the Tailor for yourself or your Nemesis characters. Additionally, after you have finished Serpent Lantern at least once, you can even use Questionite to buy the costume unlocks and action figures from the Questionite Store (note that these are the same as lost by the Serpent Mages in many instances). !

These items (in brackets) have an opportunity to drop from the Serpent Mages (16 total in the Adventure Pack), and can be bought from the Questionite Store under "UNTIL items". These things are Bind on Equip, and so could be traded or sold on the Auction Exchange. !

While an accidental bug (most likely), the bunker miniature managers (Freon and Draconis at least) will drop loot twice when conquered. They frequently drop blue-quality things with upgrade sockets in them, along with Acknowledgement as well as a Carton of Questionite. As each box can include 2001500 Questionite, this effectively doubles the benefit you received to 400 3000 per manager, possibly.

These are just recommendations needless to say, as you practice more and you've more cooldowns or skills in your character the experience will end up simpler to run. Higher problem raises the fall opportunity for costume unlocks, but as of yet appears to don't have any effect (anymore) on the fall speed of blue/purple things or Acknowledgement. This really is likely an omission that will probably be corrected later on.

Posted on May 19, 2015 at 03:55 PM

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