VGA Planets - A Classic Empire Construction Game

"[As] fought to most other computer games, Planets is played at a slow rate. Each player can open and play his or her move as frequently as he or she enjoys and communicate with other players until the hosting deadline is reached. Subsequently all [move-commands] are processed and the following move starts..."

"One of the largest differences in Planets to standard computer games is the fact that you play with human players and you cannot save the game. Each error and every daring strike will go down in the history of the game once the move was processed [by the host site]. All 11 races are played by a human player which occasionally causes wild (but friendly) interactions to process trades, to work, or ally for tactical cooperation." !

Every race starts with a Starbase orbiting their home planet with several million colonists, as well as one moderate-sized freighter. In addition, you begin with quite a bit of megacredits (MCs), some fuel, as well as a great reservation of minerals, much of which you've got to mine out of the earth. You use these resources to construct new boats, build new bases, boost your technology degrees, and even lay minefields.

While you are able to see the planets around you, you must research each one to learn whether there are excellent reserves of minerals, whether there are natives that may work for you, or whether there are amorphous blobs which will eat your colonists should you not shine down enough of them to beat back the brutal worms!

Among the best parts of the game is the variety - the eleven races all have unique skills, and you'll be able to pick one to suit your playstyle. There is a clear nod to various different films, including Star Wars, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica, and the races of Planets resemble these iconic films in a variety of manners. !

Posted on May 22, 2015 at 09:36 AM

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