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A life time, that is the length of time it's been since I Have played with a real horror game. I've been caught up with other indie titles & action games that I totally forget about my bread n butter. Indie horror games! :) In order to imagine how I felt when I came across this game. I am huge on supporting indie titles & a great one gives more reason for me & other playa. Ruined dreams is that really game to reintroduce me into the genre more. Wasted Dreams is an indie horror game is all about the anxieties of being an expectant parent from the team that delivered "Neverending Nightmares". As stated by the programmer, this game was created combining both things that frightened him the most. Which was being a parent & living in a rural area of the Philippines without any electricity or running water. Shout out and kudos to the programmer! !

The narrative of Wasted Dreams revolves around a young girl named Angel who may or may well not be expecting to give birth to a youngster. All this while she must journey through perverted nightmares bombarded by terrible creatures Filipino folklore. Seemingly the area she now lives in is rumored to get the most action of the most aswang (creatures of folklore). It happens the area in which Angel explores to discover she's the sole living man about was devastated by a typhoon, but discovers she's not alone.

A mirror of Never Ending Nightmares & according to the programmer much like the P.T. Demo. Most of the gameplay is investigating the black, oppresive world. You research your dreams, your nightmares in which your deepest anxieties come to life like Never Ending Nightmares. I think of both games around socializing with the evnironment & picking up things along the approach to help advance your journey as a perverted dream Walking. There are hints to the story too, by discovering notes you get an insight and ideas regarding what occurred in addition to the reason why Angel is the sole man left on the isle. As stated by the programmer at the same time share the beliefs & culture of the philippines, although the primary aim of Ruined dreams would be to terrify the playa.

Wasted Visions offers the several things in the playa and permits the user to command Angel in various approaches to steer. The torch, being the first & most significant piece you'll pick up, illuminates your manner enabling the playa where he or she is going to see. Because it is not easy to recognize risk in pitch black darkness I can wager this piece will stay of amp & Angels stock; where you really lose the torch, having to subsequently find the thing in the darkness, the programmer may add a component. While playing, I found the torch can reveal expose even hints to your next target, & blood stains. From here you're permitted to sprint with small stamina of course. Kind of makes me wish the programmer comprised challenge when you get your foot, in addition to a stamina bar. This increases the feeling of urgency.

This game centers around Filipino folklore, which means creatures galore. Sadly, there are solid pictures of these creatures yet the programmer does a wonderful job of filling in the imagination for the playa's with flesh eating creatures that are horrible! Then what other type of creatures are there? Just one Aswang makes an appearance in the demo, yet there are 3 in total which are anticipated to produce their introduction in the game once it is ended.

There are 3 kinds of Aswang as mentioned by the programmer. The very first being Manananggal that's a unique Aswang who is name in the filipino language means "Self Segmenter" these are female creatures who split their top half from their lower. And get this! Their favorite is unborn kids, not they have long tongues which enable them to remove fetuses. I 'd hat to run into any of these.

Posted on July 21, 2015 at 11:31 PM

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