Computer and Video Games: Which is Worth More?

Hey, do not worry, you're not alone. The dilemma you are going through is the same that every gamer faces at some point: investing in a video game or a rugged computer to play?

The truth is that there is no definitive answer to this question but, given the pros and cons of each platform and what types of games you like, it is easy to decide which is the best option for you.

Want to understand the differences between computer and video games, and decide which one is worth more? We'll help you!

The advantages of video game

The islands have always been a constant in the lives of gamer, since the beginning of Atari. Its main advantage is in price, usually well below a high-end computer gamer. But there are other points that should be counted in your favor when you have to make a decision:


You buy the game, download it or put it on the console , press START and you're done! A major advantage of video games that separate them from computers is that the player does not have to worry about graphics, hardware, etc. settings. The game will always run as it was thought by its developers.


Play from the couch: Do you have more relaxing experience? As the consoles are designed for the TV room, you do not have to sit in a chair and spend hours in the same position.


When you buy a console, you know the company is committed to delivering quality games that take maximum advantage of the system for at least five years.

Recently, Microsoft and Sony have been creating intermediate versions of their video games, but despite some improvements, the console you buy on launch day will be useful for the whole generation .

The advantages of the computer

A gamer computer is more expensive than a video game and requires more frequent updates, but it also has its advantages for gamers.


Mount the machine the way you want it. Unlike the consoles, you can tailor your computer to the use you will have. If you want cutting-edge games, invest in video card. If it will also use for work, think of more RAM. But remember that any improvement comes at extra cost.


In general computers are more powerful than video games. With the extra money you put into putting the machine together, you get more frames per second, graphics filters, higher-quality textures, and more detailed polygons.

Keyboard and mouse

Nowadays, modern controls are much better solved for first-person gaming, and all consoles are currently compatible with keyboard and mouse. The PC advantage here, if you enjoy it and prioritize the first-person games or strategy, is the ergonomics of sitting at a table next to the screen, with more control of your actions.

The right answer

As we said at the beginning, there is no right answer, it all depends on the games you like and their use for either. But you're expecting an answer, are not you? So there it goes: if you play everything, go console.

In addition to the most comfortable experience and the convenience of not having to worry about settings and updates, developers often prioritize video game platforms when it comes to creating games. This makes the performance gain on the computer often does not make up for the extra money invested.

Posted on July 16, 2018 at 12:47 PM