How to Play Video Games Improves Intelligence and is Good for Health

"Drop this game and go to school" is one of the phrases that gamers listen to most during their lives. Just as you reached the last boss came that sound of footsteps in the hallway that froze the spine. If only our parents knew how much play could be beneficial, they would have left us playing some more. Luckily now we have a scientific study that proves how playing video games improves the intelligence of children, take a look!

Video games improve intelligence

A new British study has found that some games can help train the brain and make it more agile, in addition to improving strategic thinking. Scientists at Queen Mary University of London and University College London have recruited 72 female volunteers and measured their "cognitive flexibility," described as a person's ability to adapt and switch between tasks and think of various ideas in a given time to solve problems.

Two groups of patients were trained to play different versions of StarCraft (who ever?). Never played? All right, we'll explain. Here players need to build and organize armies to fight an enemy in real time, at a fast pace. Another test group played The Sims (oba, oba!), Which does not require much memory or many tactical player skills. All volunteers played the games for 40 hours over six to eight weeks and underwent a series of psychological tests before and after.

The results showed that individuals who played StarCraft were faster and more accurate in performing tasks of cognitive flexibility compared to those who played The Sims .

Previous research has already shown that action games, such as Halo , can speed up decision making, but this was the first time with strategy games testing.

School performance of children

In another research, published in the Science Daily , 3195 European children aged 6 to 11 years were studied and data collected by School Children Mental Health Europe  and published in Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology . Of the individuals analyzed, 20% of the children in the survey played more than 5 hours of games per week.

The survey focuses on school performance, video game usage and behavior from the point of view of parents, teachers, and students themselves - and the result pointed out that children playing video games were twice as likely to perform at school and better intellectual function.

There is already a growing body of scientists who argue that the moderate use of games, around an hour a day, could positively influence children in their studies. They believe that this type of entertainment can also help children become more sociable.

Video games for older people

You think this only helps kids? Think again. Another research found that playing video games can prevent and even reverse the deterioration of brain functions such as memory, reasoning, and visual processing.

The study, conducted by the University of Iowa , was conducted with hundreds of people aged 50 and older and showed that those who played any game were able to improve a range of cognitive abilities and reverse up to seven years of age-related decline.

Anything in excess, even water, can be harmful. But we believe that these studies prove that video games can SIM improve people's intelligence and health, all moderately. Then separate one hour per day into your calendar and start to get smarter. Remembering that it's always good to do exercises too.

Posted on July 16, 2018 at 12:53 PM