Learn How to Make your E-commerce Faster

Research shows that the speed of the virtual store is directly related to the conversion rate.

Three seconds. This is the time the consumer wants to load a site, according to surveys, which also point out that slow websites scatter people's attention. A survey provided by kissmetrics speaks in less time: 2 seconds is what 47% of consumers expect for a page to load. That is, e-commerce needs to be fast to ensure a good user experience and hence a good conversion rate - read "sell more."

For the e-commerce specialist, André Felipe T. da Luz, who is CTO and partner of Trezo, a fast online store is synonymous with more sales. According to André, the speed of the site impacts directly on two points: it improves the conversion rate and ranking in Google, that is, favors the placement of the page in organic searches.

As any second makes a difference, André highlights ways to give an "up" in the speed of e-commerce. "We're talking about seconds, so every action that leaves the page faster should be done," he says. Check the main items to be evaluated:

1) Optimize the images

Accused of being primarily responsible for page load time, they should be web-optimized, small in size, but without losing quality. Specifying height and width for images is also important because it will cause the page and images to load simultaneously.

2) Reduce page size

Attention to page elements, especially with Javascript, CSS, and image files. Avoid embedding large objects or images on a page and so you decrease the kb (unit of measure). To check the size of your site, save the page on your computer as a web file folder, from the browser, and see the folder size.

3) Use CDN

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) or Content Distribution Network ensures that you deliver content to your user with agility and stability, because, as the name implies, it enables the distribution of content through caching across multiple servers. Essential, especially for those who have customers all over the world.

4) Choose fast servers for hosting

Choose a provider to host your site that combines servers, technology, be fast and therefore meets the traffic needs of your e-commerce.

5) Use cache system

Make sure that the cache is enabled to ensure the storage of data or processes. So, the browser saves the basic structure of the pages by decreasing their download time in future views.

Posted on July 16, 2018 at 12:55 PM