How to Keep Kids From Playing Video Games and Computer?

The advance of the use of technologies and the domination of them in the attention of the children seems to have no end. It even seems that children are born with the instinct to use electronic equipment, right?

Exaggerations can bring dangers that are often hidden: vision problems, difficulties in school and lack of concentration are just some of the detrimental points because of this excess. So a question may prevail in your head: how to keep kids away from the computer and video games?

In today's post, check out some very important tips to keep your kids from the dangers caused by the various hours playing online.

Enforce a time limit on the use of electronic equipment

To start pushing children away from the computer, impose a limit with the electronic equipment. Set specific times for the technologies and also for the other daily activities.

This will make them understand that this rule should be obeyed, just like the others. At first, you will feel some resistance from them, but it is important to stand firm.

Promote family activities

One of the main reasons for the excessive use of technological tools is precisely the lack of contact and fun within the families themselves. So take some time to get everyone together and do activities that go way out of the ordinary.

Promote simple and fun jokes that can spark children's creativity and initiative. Outdoor activities, such as a walk in the park, are great for arousing interest in nature and  other toys , which are gradually being forgotten.

Enroll them in sports activities

In addition to assisting in physical development, the participation of children in swimming, football or any other sport arouses an interest for the future. This can create a passion for sports activity, which will be carried for the rest of your life.

Interaction with other children is also important for them to develop their relationships and meet new friends.

Offer alternatives

A good tip is that you give  educational and educational games that relate to the subjects they are learning at school. These kids' day-to-day games help to grab their attention for something more playful, and have fun instead of electronics.

Offer toys that can be different and handled with the intention of developing creativity such as Lego toys  .

Teach the harms of excessive use of technologies

Maybe this is the most important tip for keeping kids away from the computer. Try to teach and show them the dangers of overuse of computer and video games.

There is nothing better than showing the children the motives that lead parents to take greater care of them. It is sometimes easier to talk about the problems caused by technology than simply to impose a decision that does not make much sense to them.

Have you found our tips useful to keep kids away from your computer? So, learn how to have more  family leisure time and enjoy your time having fun with your kids. To the next!

Posted on July 17, 2018 at 01:14 PM