What is the Difference Between Playing on the PC or on a Console?

Which do you think is the best investment for games? A turbo computer, with powerful graphics cards or a console? Let's look at each items about computer and video games :

PC - Computers

At the time of playing the pc also has its functions and mechanisms. As time passes the technological scene advances, you have more choices of transistors and the parts are getting smaller, which allows the low price of some notebooks and computers .

There was a time, when it was talked about in computer , came to mind that little game of patience or little fiddle games to pass the time, right? And the notebook? when we bought a new one, we would leave that machine in the middle of the room.

But there are computers that have become "supercomputers," all for the simple fact that game enthusiasts invest. Besides the machine being an '' amusement park '', it functions as a monitor to watch movies and have fun with friends.


The information on the pc was expanding, superior graphics, ease in obtaining games, accessible video cards and thus gained recognition in the gaming market.

On the pc you can also set up the game settings, especially if it is someone who 'handles' graphics or works in the hardware and software industry, a field that can be exploited.

There are others who already like to set up their own pc, with the first high performance graphics cards, clear with the latest releases on the market. For example, at the time you spent about $ 1,600 to buy a Playstation 2 and for those who did not know, if it were to buy a video card, it would cost on average $ 300.00, and would play the same playstation 2 game on your paint you 4 and it turned out to be a marvel.

There are people who also do not accept a keyboard as a way to control a character, even if the mouse works 10 times more accurately in relation to some games.



It is in the consoles that the companies make the biggest investment and concentrate their fan base, they believe and support the consoles because of the culture of the game . It's just you see the exclusive XBox 360, Wii, Playstation 3 that have marked this generation. Imagine now the triple of games released, is a reality of playstation 4 and XBox one. Not counting how many launches are coming to new generation in E3.

The consoles are focused on the passion of playing video game, without worrying about particularities of the pc. And yet, what dominates it is the paid game, which are for those who prefer to play in a simpler way and have their exclusive games.

There are tools that can only be accessed in a video game , such as a gaming platform. Motion sensors and even the Wii U tablet are almost impossible to replicate on a computer.

Still equivalent hardware between a PC and a console, they express better performance in video games, since they are specialized platforms. In this way it is possible to have graphics and greater fluidity, after all each one defends his point of view.

And you, where do you play? Join, leave your comment and tell us what your favorite platform, Console or computer? And good games!

Posted on July 17, 2018 at 01:15 PM