Infinite Crisis: Playing as The Flash

Infinite Crisis is a DC based multiplayer on-line conflict stadium (MOBA) video game, which relies on the Infinite Crisis storyline that there are an infinite variety of Worlds, and on each Earth is not the same version of the DC superheroes. The key Earth would get the superhero as we understand our favorite DC heroes, but then each variation of Earth has its own style of superhero. !

For purposes of covering Flash, it's not required to further discuss other Worlds within Infinite Crisis, because we're referencing the timeless Flash from the primary Earth, but because this MOBA is themed on the Infinite Crisis storyline, each character can get a version on their costumes, or on their moves.

Flash is categorized as an assassin, because in theory he needs to have the ability to move in and out of conflicts fast, and deal lots of damage. Yet, in my opinion, Flash isn't as lethal as the other assassins in the game, including Katana, Nightmare Robin, and Gaslight Catwoman. Personally, I do not consider his character to be an assassin, but it is likely the greatest "miscellaneous" grouping that he could fit into.

I saved up the Value and purchased Flash at total cost (5,700 value) because I enjoy the character, and was expecting for a new favorite to play with. What I quickly learned was that Flash isn't simple to master in PVP because he's a melee combatant, and that gets you at a disadvantage in the early rounds should you play in the top or bottom lane. I understand that everybody is now crying that Flash ought to be in the Jungle. Yes, that's comprehended, however he still has to level up to be much of a risk. Another disadvantage is that he will not possess an abundance of well-being. Assassins in general don't begin with huge well-being.

The risk of inexperienced players using Flash is the fact that in case the opposing team begins feeding in your character, then they're going to level immediately, and you'll stay at a lower level than your competitors, and certainly will leave your team at a disadvantage. Should you choose Flash and determine to "jungle" then you better be leveling him up, and not messing around with early PVP (that's unsuccessful). You need to get the PVP kill to level him up if you're unsuccessful and die many times, this may certainly disadvantage your team. A player using Flash has to be continuously assaulting bots and creatures in an attempt to level up.

I'm personally a huge fan of Flash in the TV show, animations and comic books of the DC world, and I personally discovered Flash to be somewhat unsatisfactory as a playable character in Infinite Crisis due to my two reasons listed above. To master Flash, it undoubtedly takes training to be sure he's a real danger, and isn't as easy to pick up as fellow assassin Nightmare Robin. Additionally, it's a lot easier to rack up the PVP kills with all the other assassins, while Flash's unique strikes just seems to inflict a scratch on competitions.

Posted on May 07, 2015 at 10:35 PM

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