The Persona Games as Dating Sims

In the Persona games, you develop social links with other characters, both male and female. But, the male protagonist is given the opportunity to date one (or all) of the female characters. While this offers the function of a dating sim to the primary story, the way it is set up is a bit suspect. For this particular evaluation, I am going to be comparing and contrasting this attribute as it seems in Persona 3 and Persona 4 appropriate.

While I've never played a pure dating sim, it's my understanding a male protagonist has many females to select from; while my exposure to them is restricted, I have not heard of any that are same sex (which contains the variation of Persona 3 with a female protagonist). While there is not a gay choice, at least not yet, the protagonist of Persona 4 can select to hang out with his male buddies during an occasion instead of one of the girls he is dating. I am aware that is not the same thing, but it is at least a little distinct. The most crucial societal links will be the other principal characters of the story. In Persona 4, they're generally among the very first ones created and come with perks in conflict (such as choosing a disastrous setback for you or picking you up when you get knocked down). In Persona 3, but the remaining part of the team's societal links are some of the the last ones you create. The start of that game is spent creating connections with NPCs from school and around town.

Eligible characters for the dating sim part of the game are limited to female pupil societal links. Someplace along the line, the relationship will end up serious, and also you either need to let them down simple (while still continuing the societal connection) or take them up on their offer of familiarity. In Persona 4, you can get away with dating everyone you can unless you are playing Golden, which has effects come Valentine's Day (not actual results, but you'll make everyone you do not spend the day with quite unhappy). Persona 3 is similar, but you still need to be cautious even if you're simply dating one man as they might get envious of your female friends. This brings me to the stage of the investigation: why bother having this type of set up in a game that is certainly not about dating? It is hard enough to get all the societal connections to maximum so you can fuse the supreme character of every arcana, so why make it even harder to juggle them all by creating conflicts?

I shall not pretend to understand all the intricacies of the complex and delicate set up that's teen love affair, but the idea of the dating sim is intended to reflect the chances a [Japanese] high school student might see in his (or her) regular life. Apart from their accompanying arcana, the societal links themselves are simply that - a social aspect to the game supplying side story as well as a rich environment in real life beyond fighting shadows. All these really are the people that give you strength and whom you fight to protect from evil (even when they might unwittingly be creating said bad, since all shadows come from [the will of] people). !

In conclusion, while the Persona games are component dating sim, that's only one facet of a larger whole. It might be possible to bypass if you're not going for 100% game play, particularly since you just have just enough time to max out all your societal links during a new game plus run. To find out more on dating sims, go to the links below.

Posted on May 17, 2015 at 03:43 AM

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